This will serve as the dev blog for my as-yet-unnamed RogueLike game.

I originally began the project as a way to increase my knowledge and skill with the C# programming language.  I followed the tutorial for RogueSharp (a C# library to aid roguelike development), located here: until the end of the tutorial.

After I finished it, I realized, I was having fun and learning a ton about C#, and so I decided to continue tinkering.

I mentioned the project to my wife, who loves learning about things, and so we took it up together as a thing to work on, look at, and for me to share with her.

It doesn't have a name yet, there's no theme set in stone; the only monster in it so far is the kobold from the tutorial but that could change... or it could stay fantasy.  Who knows.  I'm also not sure how far it will stray from strict roguelike conventions; probably pretty darn far though!  For example I definitely want to have player skills, a "knowledge system" (part of that is already in), and so on - so we're heading more towards the RPG genre.  The display style will probably stay very roguelike, so at least there's that.

So far, I've added or changed from the tutorial:
  • Converted from RLNet to SadConsole for the display handling.  SadConsole has many, many more features and is a pleasure to work with.
  • Added an inventory system for the player.  The tutorial (as written) did not have inventory or items of any kind.
  • Added the bare beginning of a skill system.  Skills raise on use, but they are not used for anything yet.
  • Monsters leave a corpse when they die, and said corpse has loot defined by a loot table, with support for random rolls and all.  Corpses decay after a certain amount of time, and instantly when looted dry.
  • When the player drops items, the items stay on the dungeon floor as treasures, which could then be re-grabbed.
  • There can be treasure chests, with the same loot table system as monster corpses.
  • The map is not limited to the size of the map display window; it will scroll as needed.
  • The beginning of the "knowledge" system is in.  This will be detailed more in a future post as it's a potentially huge/complex system.
  • Kills are tracked by species, for further use.
There may be more I've forgotten.  The list may not look long but it's a lot of code!  The display may look very, very similar to the tutorial but under the hood, it's not very recognizable.

I'll leave you with a simple GIF of it in action as of 1/24/2018 -